HP announces industry’s first DVD+RW drive

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HP announces industry's first DVD+RW drive

Hewlett-Packard Co.has announced the first rewritable DVD+drive.

The HP DVD Writer 3100i drive reads and writes to DVD+RW disks, which have 3.0GB of storage capacity, providing capacity for 100 minutes of high-quality digital video. In addition to DVD+RW media, the HP DVD Writer 3100i can read DVD-ROM, DVD movie, CD-RW, CD-Recordable, CD-ROM and CD audio disks.

DVD+RW disks do not require a cartridge, and can be read by DVD-ROM drives at virtually no additional cost. HP is working with DVD-ROM and chip manufacturers to create or adapt products to take advantage of DVD+RW capabilities.

Unlike other rewritable DVD formats, such as DVD-RAM, the new HP DVD+RW drive uses disk media, similar to a CDs. DVD-RAMs require a media cartridge and therefore have limited compatibility with other removable disk drives.

DVD+RW disks cost approximately $30 each.

The HP DVD Writer 3100i is an internal SCSI device that reads and writes DVD+RW media at a speed of 1.25X or 1.7 megabits per second, which is equivalent to 11X CD-RW write speed. The drive uses constant angular velocity (CAV), which technically gives DVD+RW a throughput advantage over DVD-RAM. Adaptec’s Direct DVD, which lets users drag and drop files to DVD disk from Microsoft Windows Explorer or save directly from any application, is included with the drive.

Limited quantities of the HP DVD Writer 3100i will be available in June at an estimated street price of $699. Further details are posted at http://www.hp.com.