3Com ships HomeConnect USB camera

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3Com ships HomeConnect USB camera

3Com Corp. has announced the new 3Com HomeConnect PC digital camera, a portable video solution for users of desktop and laptop computers equipped with USB.

Based on technology from Vista Imaging, the video camera is designed to plug directly into standard USB ports on PCs running Windows 95, 98 and 2000.

The HomeConnect camera is designed to cope with a variety of lighting conditions, offering automatic low-light adjustment to spare users the hassle of having to compensate for too much or too little light. Images remain bright and clear whether users are capturing images in direct sunlight, a low-light hotel room or the glow of birthday candles, according to 3Com.

Equipped with a removable 9-foot connection cable, the 3Com camera makes it easy to pick up and move around the room. Then, when users are ready to hit the road, they can “grab and go” by simply detaching the cable from the back of the camera and taking it with them.

The $149.95 camera requires a minimum system configuration of a Pentium 133MHz PC with MMX or equivalent, a USB port, 16MB of RAM running Windows 95 with USB supplement, Windows 98 with current service pack or Windows 2000 Professional and Server (when available). Additional information is posted online at http://www.3com.com/video.