NEC introduces all-digital desktops in Japan

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NEC introduces all-digital desktops in Japan

Silicon Image Inc. has teamed with NEC to launch two desktop PC families in Japan, incorporating an all-digital video interface based on Silicon Image’s PanelLink Digital technology.

Silicon Image’s chips are featured in the VALUESTAR NX and Mate NX series, providing clearer, higher quality images and a more consistent visual experience for NEC users.

Although Japanese manufacturers have previously launched desktop PC systems and digital displays equipped with the PanelLink Digital interface, NEC’s introduction signals the broader adoption of the company’s digital video interface technology in the Japanese PC market, according to Silicon Image executives.

The NEC VALUESTAR NX series includes all-digital systems bundled with LCD monitors, targeted at consumers. The NEC Mate NX series is aimed at the corporate market, incorporating PanelLink Digital transmitters in the line’s standalone PCs and PanelLink Digital receivers in all its standalone digital flat panel monitors.

More details on the Silicon Image deal with NEC is posted at NEC’s web site is at