Futuristic racing game blasts into stores

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Futuristic racing game blasts into stores

ASC Games has worked with three-time Winston Cup Champion, Jeff Gordon, to create a futuristic action-arcade racing game for the PC, called Jeff Gordon XS Racing.

Gordon’s character is intimately involved in the game, where he begins as a personal mentor for each player and ultimately becomes the player’s toughest competitor. Players can choose one of six cars to race against up to 40 competitors. Ten tracks allow players to fly by at 300mph with super jumps, high banks, wild loops, and multi-path speedways.

Each vehicle features retractable wings for flight control, various handling capabilities, precision power sliding, and a unique air-braking system. On-the-fly morphing fixes damaged vehicles.

A dedicated web site for the game can be found at www.jeffgordonXSracing.com.