Micro Conversions shuts shop

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Micro Conversions shuts shop

Mac hardware vendor Micro Conversions Inc. ceased operations this week, according to a statement posted Thursday on the company’s Web site.

The company said technology rights and support for Game Wizard, Micro Conversions’ Voodoo2-based 3-D game accelerator, have been picked up by iWonder Inc.

iWonder will also market the iWizard, a new version of the Game Wizard designed for the iMac that Micro Conversions had announced in April. Micro Conversions’ news release warned that “there may be an interruption in Game Wizard availability” as a result of the product hand-off.

“Other Micro Conversions products are still in negotiation for ongoing support,” the news release said. “More details will become available over the next week or so. In any case, NuBus and PDS cards won’t be made in the future, and those were the last of their kind.”

Besides the Game Wizard, other Micro Conversions products included the Video Wizard, a $269 PCI-based video-capture card, as well as 24-bit video accelerators for vintage Macs’ PCI, NuBus or Processor Direct slots.

The story is posted at http://www.zdnn.com.