Fuji packs megapixels in shirt-pocket package

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Fuji packs megapixels in shirt-pocket package

Fuji Photo Film U.S.A. Inc. is now shipping a 2.3 megapixel digital camera that will fit in a shirt pocket.

The Fujifilm MX-2700 digital camera features a 35mm equivalent lens with macro capability that can capture up to 1800-by-1200 pixel resolution.

The MX-2700 records captured images to an 8MB Smartmedia card, which can store between eight and 142 images, depending on resolution and compression mode. Captured images can also be printed out to a printer, producing 4-by-6″ snapshots at 300dpi resolution.

A 2″ polysilicon color LCD monitor (with 130,000 pixels) allows users to frame shots or play back up to 9 images simultaneously. The MX-2700 also features an optical viewfinder, automatic playback, built-in flash, a manual mode, and a digital 2.5X telephoto mode.

Fuji is selling the 8.5 ounce camera for $699. More details about the MX-2700 or other Fuji products can be found at www.fujifilm.com.