IBM picks Savage4 for PC 300PL

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IBM picks Savage4 for PC 300PL

IBM has chosen S3 Inc.’s Savage4 graphics accelerator to enhance select models of the PC 300PL commercial system family.

Two of the largest shipping PC platforms worldwide, IBM’s consumer and commercial PCs should account for substantial volume shipments of S3’s Savage4 accelerators worldwide in 1999.

The PC 300PL has been enhanced with the Pentium III 550MHz processor, and select models also feature Number Nine’s SR9 AGP 2X graphics adapter with S3’s Savage4 and 8MB of SDRAM memory. The SR9 provides 128-bit graphics and advanced 3D rendering, along with MPEG2/DVD motion compensation for enhanced full-motion video.

Targeted at the commercial and consumer PC markets, Savage4 is designed to deliver 3D rendering capabilities equivalent to high-end, niche gaming solutions, as well as leading 2D graphics and video acceleration.

More information on IBM’s PC 300PL famiy is posted at


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