Amkor opens lab for flip chip development

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Amkor opens lab for flip chip development

Amkor Technology Inc. has opened a U.S. facility for developing flip chip packaging technology.

The Advanced Packaging Development Center, located in Chandler, Ariz., offers design services and prototype engineering support for on-shore flip chip development programs. Currently development work is underway with ten IC manufacturers.

The center will concentrate initially on eutectic bumped flip chip packages in three varieties. The first type, flip chip CSP, consists of low pin count packages developed for the portable and handheld market segments which require small footprints and package thickness and good electrical performance. The second type, flip chip BGA, is being developed for midrange applications requiring a low inductance interconnect. The third type, high performance flip chip BGA, is targeted for the highest electrical performance and high thermal requirements typical of network servers, workstations and Internet switches.

More information on Amkor Technology is available from the company’s web site,