Tiny motherboard runs 333MHz PII

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Tiny motherboard runs 333MHz PII

Cell Computing has introduced a new single-board computer for network appliances, small Web servers, imaging systems, and other throughput-intensive embedded applications.

Based upon Cell’s 3-by-5″ Plug-n-Run Pentium micro-motherboard, the PCI SlotCard features three full-size PCI slots and supports the 333MHz Intel Pentium II or 233MHz Pentium CPUs.

The complete system consists of a CPU, Intel chipset, 256-bit NeoMagic multimedia accelerator with 2.5 MB embedded VRAM (128-bit accelerator on Pentium systems), SMC Super I/O, a socket for the M-Systems DiskOnChip flash disk, two 12 Mbit/sec USB ports, two serial port headers, one parallel port header, IDE, FDD, and PS/2 mouse/keyboard headers, up to 256 MBytes of SDRAM, industry-standard PhoenixPICO BIOS, interfaces for LVDS and LCD panels, and CRT connector.

The entire PCI SlotCard system measures just 4.5 inches by 7 inches, and requires a single 5V ATX power supply.

Sample PCI SlotCards are available immediately, while volume shipments will begin in the third quarter. Sample pricing for the SlotCard carrier board is $349. Cell Computing’s web site is located at http://www.cellcomputing.com.