Low power Pentium II powers CompactPCI

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Low power Pentium II powers CompactPCI

The Pentium II – Low Power, a recently released Pentium package for low-profile embedded applications, has been integrated into Ziatech Corp.’s family of CompactPCI single board computers, multiprocessing systems and high availability technology.

The new 266MHz and 333MHz processors significantly increase the performance of Ziatech’s ZT 5531 CPU Board. The ZT 5531 capitalizes on the low profile of the Pentium II processor – Low Power to provide a single-slot CompactPCI solution.

The new processor also brings increased performance to the ZT 5540 Peripheral CPU Board, a key hardware component of Ziatech’s multiprocessing technology, CompactNET.

Ziatech’s also supports the new CPU in its CompactPCI-based redundant processor architecture. The ZT 5083 NEBS High Availability System is designed for mission-critical telecommunications and Internet applications requiring up to 99.999 percent availability, ac cording to the company.

More detailed information on Ziatech is available on the World Wide Web at http://www.ziatech.com.