USB home networking links PCs, Macs

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USB home networking links PCs, Macs

Diamond Multimedia Systems announced plans for a USB-based home networking product that will enable PC and Macintosh computers to share resources across both platforms.

The new Diamond product will provide for shared Internet access, peripheral sharing and networked multi-player gaming.

Featuring AMD’s PCnet-Home networking controller, the Diamond product will use existing home phone lines to link multiple personal computers. The device is based upon the HomePNA (Home Phoneline Networking Alliance) network standard. The new product will be marketed as an extension to Diamond’s HomeFree home networking brand and will carry a retail price of less than $70.

With its USB design, the device will be designed to provide PC and Macintosh users – including iMac and Power Macintosh G3 customers – with an affordable, high bandwidth solution that is easy to install and operate simultaneously across multiple platforms.

Additional product details, such as bundled software titles, pricing and availability, will be provided at a later date. The new USB home networking product is expected to begin shipments to major North American computer retailers in June.

The company’s web site is at