PC Nanny prevents unauthorized access

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PC Nanny prevents unauthorized access

Net Nanny Software International Inc. has announced a product designed to protect personal computer files and functionality against unwanted adjustments to desktop and hardware settings, and the loading of inappropriate or unlicensed games and other software that may be infected with viruses or could incur liability for the computer owner.

The PC Nanny program is now available for $19.95 via download from the Net Nanny Web site at http://www.netnanny.com, and from http://www.beyond.com.

PC Nanny allows users to hide or block access to the following: display and hardware settings, disk, zip and CD-ROM drives, MS DOS, the Windows “Device Manager” page, the “Start” menu, the “Find” key and individual computer files.

PC Nanny is compatible with Windows 95 and 98.

The company is also currently beta testing BioPassword LogOn for Windows NT, which uses its patented biometric technology, to secure passwords and identify individuals by their unique typing rhythms. The product is expected to ship this fall.