Future Power PCs: Celeron-based, Internet-ready

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Future Power PCs: Celeron-based, Internet-ready

Future Power has introduced two new PC lines, integrating technology from Intel, NEC, Samsung, Toshiba, US Robotics and Diamond Multimedia – and priced to sell for less than $700.

The Future Power Advantage and Adventure PC product lines are part of a joint venture between Future Power and Daewoo Telecom.

Featuring a 366MHz Celeron, a 4.3GB hard drive, 32MB SDRAM, both a floppy and CD-ROM drive and a 56 kbps US Robotics V.90 modem, Advantage PCs are aimed at SOHO professionals and families, and priced at less than $600.

The Future Power Adventure Series includes a 400MHz Celeron processor, a 6.4GB UDMA hard drive, 64MB of SDRAM, an NEC floppy drive and US Robotics 56 kbps V.90 modem. The Adventure Series also features an 8MB 3D AGP by Diamond Multimedia and a 6X DVD player from Toshiba. The Future Power Adventure Series has two serial, one parallel and two USB ports, and will ship with a retail price of around $700.

Both the Advantage and Adventure Series come standard with the Microsoft Windows 98 operating system, IBM Smartsuite, Norton Antivirus and select family educational and entertainment software titles.

Monitors are not included, but 15- and 17″ dispays are available for $135 and $225, respectively.

The company maintains a web site at http://www.futurepowerusa.com.