64M, 128M SDRAMs support PC133

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64M, 128M SDRAMs support PC133

Mosel Vitelic’s 64Mbit and 128Mbit synchronous DRAMs will support of the PC133 standard.

PC133 can improve system performance over the PC100 standard and provide a bridge to PC266 or double data rate (DDR) synchronous DRAM technology, which will be supported by Mosel Vitelic later this year.

Mosel Vitelic’s PC133 products will target high end PCs, network servers and workstation markets.

Mosel Vitelic is the largest Taiwanese DRAM supplier. The company’s 64Mbit and 128Mbit synchronous DRAMs are manufactured on a 0.20um process at ProMos Technologies Inc., a state of the art 8″ wafer fab jointly owned by Mosel Vitelic and Infineon Technologies AG (formerly Siemens Semiconductor Group).


Company officials say the PC133 standard has gained achieved momentum with the delay of Rambus product and no other clear alternative to improve DRAM performance. Via Technologies, for example, is currently shipping PC133 chipsets targeted for high-end desktop PCs, and will ship notebook chipsets with integrated graphics functionality next month. Reliance Computer Corp., Acer Laboratories Inc., Standard Microsystems Corp., OPTi Inc., and Silicon Integrated Systems (SIS) also support PC133.

Mosel Vitelic 64Mb SDRAMs are available in 8M x 8, 4M x 16 and 16M x 4 configurations with speeds of 143MHZ, 133MHZ and 125MHZ. The128Mb DRAMs are available in 16M x 8, 8M x 16 and 32M x 4 organizations with speeds of 143MHZ, 133MHZ and 125MHZ.

The company’s home page can be reached at http://www.moselvitelic.com.


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