Magni-Viewer soothes sore eyes

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Magni-Viewer soothes sore eyes

Bausch & Lomb is launching a national campaign to increase awareness of and educate consumers about Computer Vision Syndrome. Simultaneously, the company is introducing a PC Magni-Viewer to help combat the problem.

Computer Vision Syndrome is a term coined by the American Optometric Association to describe the eye or vision problems often associated with computer work. Because the human eye is forced to constantly focus and refocus on a computer screen, PC users can experience eye strain, headaches, or dry eyes. As many as half of all PC users in America are affected by this problem, according to the company.

Bausch & Lomb says its PC Magni-Viewer can reduce eye stress by enlarging on-screen information by 175 percent, producing on-screen images that appear to be 33 inches to 60 inches from the user, and providing multiple adjustments for customized monitor viewing.

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