Pentium III glitch hangs 810 chip

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Pentium III glitch hangs 810 chip

Intel’s new 810 chip won’t work with the Pentium III – but new chip sets may fix the problem.

PC Week reports that PC makers with plans to offer low-cost desktops using Intel Corp.’s Pentium III chip will need to redesign due to incompatibilities with the 810.

The glitch that affects the Pentium III’s SSE or Streaming SIMD multimedia instruction, called MaskMovQ, can be corrected by a workaround Intel has created for the Pentium III, but the 810 doesn’t support the fix.

The 810, which ships this month, was designed as a low-cost chip set for Intel’s Celeron processor. It integrates a 3D graphics engine and supports modem and audio functions in software to help reduce cost.

While the Pentium III and the 810 do not work together, forthcoming Intel 800 series chip sets will work with the CPU.

Intel has not yet publicly acknowledged the new chip sets’ names, but according to sources, they are the 820, code-named Camino, for high-end Pentium III-based machines; the 840, for Pentium III Xeon workstations and servers; and the 810E, also for Pentium III.

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