Compaq launches new Aero palmtop

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Compaq launches new Aero palmtop

Compaq Computer Corp. has announced a new Aero 8000 Handheld PC Professional (H/PC Pro), the first mobile device to offer built-in Smart Card technology for secure remote access to corporate data.

The Aero 8000 weighs 2.9 pounds with a 10″ SVGA screen, a keyboard 95 percent the size of standard portable keyboards, and up to 13 hours of battery life.

The Windows CE-based Aero also includes an embedded Smart Card reader/writer and a suite of security applications, for secure remote access to data on corporate servers. Compaq is positioning the Aero 8000 as an ideal Windows terminal or thin client for mobile workers in field sales, service and healthcare organizations, providing a secure platform for reading and sending confidential e-mail.

The Aero 8000 starts at $949 for a model featuring 16MB of memory.

More information is available at