Flip-Chip version of Pentium III on tap

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Flip-Chip version of Pentium III on tap

Intel will introduce a socketed version of its microprocessors to enable new, innovative PC form factors.

Citing customers briefed by the chip company earlier this week, Electronic Buyers’ News says the new “FC-PGA 370” configuration is essentially a Pentium III in a low-cost socket, similar to the 370-pin PGA socket used by Intel’s low-cost Celeron microprocessor.

Intel will use “flip-chip” technology to bond the die to the package. Sources said the flip-chip design will let new, thinner PCs be developed, allowing for more creativity in designing a PC chassis.

A 370-pin flip-chip version of Intel’s 550MHz and 600MHz Pentium IIIs will be added in the fourth quarter, and a 650MHz flip-chip Pentium III will be shipped in the first quarter of 2000, sources said.

Additional details are posted in the story at http://www.techweb.com/.