IBM unveils new fall line

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IBM unveils new fall line

IBM has introduced five new Aptiva E Series desktop models starting at $799 – including monitor.

The new line of Aptiva PCs feature advanced processors from AMD and Intel, as well as next-generation DVD, CD-RW and Iomega Zip drives. On the Internet front, the systems enable consumers to choose from a selection of ISPs at time of purchase. The Rapid Access II Keyboard is also a standard feature on all new Aptiva PCs.

Three new ThinkPad i Series models are also being introduced, ranging in price from $1,699 to $2,699, after a mail-in rebate. The new ThinkPads feature 14″ active matrix TFT displays, DVD drives and Altec Lansing SoundGuide stereo speakers.

All of IBM’s newest ThinkPad i Series notebooks include Intel Celeron or Pentium II processors, and two models feature DVD drives with a TV-out port that can transform them into portable video players. In addition, the new ThinkPad systems are equipped with brightly colored IBM ShortCut keys for direct, one-button access to favorite applications and the Internet, as well as an Internet Scroll Bar for easier navigation on the Web.

The new Aptiva and ThinkPad i Series computers will be available at stores nationwide beginning this month. More information is available at


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