"Happy Hacking" keyboard ships

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"Happy Hacking" keyboard ships

PFU America has introduced its new Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite, a compact-size keyboard equipped with a UNIX key layout specially designed for Linux users.

Designed for the PS/2 interface, the keyboard is based on the SUN Type3 Unix keyboard with only the essential 60 keys. This key layout makes it easier to access the “Control” key (CTRL) and “Escape” key (ESC) which are essential for Linux and Unix users.

Despite its compact size, the device still retains a standard key pitch. The keyboard footprint is about half of letter size. Within the size and minimum 60 keys, all functions of a standard 101 keyboard are available. Since all of the 60 keys are within reach without moving the wrists, the user’s hands do not have to travel far from the home position. As a result, the user should have a better sense of where the keys are while touch typing and make fewer typing errors, according to the manufacturer.

The Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite will be available directly from the company’s web site, http://www.pfuca.com, at a price of $69. PFU is a computer manufacturer and software publisher, founded as a joint venture between Fujitsu Limited and Matsushita in the 1960’s.


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