Microsoft reveals Win2000 launch date

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Microsoft reveals Win2000 launch date

Microsoft has tentatively set Oct. 6 as launch day for Windows 2000.

Although the date is still indefinite, Microsoft officials say the development of the operating system’s Beta 3 should be completed by that time. Windows 2000 Release Candidate 1 is scheduled to be made available in the first week of July.

The Windows 2000 Data Center version of the server code is due to arrive in 2000, about 120 days after other versions of the operating system.

Microsoft also released details of several changes to the design goals of the server versions of the operating system.

To date, it has talked about Windows 2000 Server supporting four-way SMP servers for existing users of Windows NT Server 4.0 and two-way servers for new customers. Now the Windows 2000 Server would be licensed as a four-way operating system.

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