Intel site has P3 owners’ toes a-tapping

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Intel site has P3 owners' toes a-tapping

Intel has introduced a new theme to its WebOutfitter online service for Pentium III processor owners.

The revamped site provides music fans with a centralized location to hear, interact with, purchase and explore music on their Pentium III PCs.

The music site is built around Launch Live, which will host about 20 live concerts throughout the summer, featuring top-tier artists from around the world. In addition to the concerts, Launch Live will offer in-depth information about the performing artists, online music videos and interviews. will provide the sites Internet radio channels that feature the music of participating artists from around the world. built 3-D online stores for the site to sell merchandise from featured artists.

In addition, the site offers tutorials and guides for using PCs to create and experience music.

The web site is located at