Is Intel gunning for VIA?

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Is Intel gunning for VIA?

Intel `has it in’ for tiny Taiwanese chipset maker VIA Technologies, according to an article by

VIA, which has so far been relegated to selling chipsets for AMD processors, is slated to start selling chipsets for Intel Pentium and Celeron processors.

Drawing Intel’s ire is a VIA chipset with a 133MHz front side bus, which can run up to 33 percent faster than the competing product from Intel, which runs at only 100MHz.

The chip giant filed a lawsuit in mid-April against VIA, alleging improper use of its license, and then promptly withdrew the suit. An Intel spokesman told that the suit was a “clerical mistake.” suggests the lawsuit was intentional, and calculated to intimidate VIA.

Subsequently, Intel sent a letter out May 12 to many of its major customers, puttng them on notice that “any VIA part manufactured by National (Semiconductor) is not licensed pursuant to Intel’s cross-license with National.”

Despite Intel’s apparent effort to squelch the VIA chipset, the logic company has some key backers. Taiwanese motherboard makers, an influential group in the PC business, are suporting the PC 133 standard being pushed by VIA, along with some of the key PC makers around the world.

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