56K modem handles variety of OS

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56K modem handles variety of OS

Actiontec Electronics Inc. has announced a 56K PCI controller-based fax/modem that can run on DOS, Windows, UNIX, OS/2, and Linux.

The modem can also accomodate both single and multi-processor computers.

Because the modem incorporates an on-board controller, the physical modem operation is independent of the host CPU. No processor cycles are spent for communication control, and the modem operation is independent of the choice of the operating system.

The new modem supports both the V.90 and K56flex standard, which the modem automatically selects when it connects to an Internet Service Provider. It operates up to 56 kbps, incorporating both MNP5 and V.24bis data compression with MNP2.4, V.42, and LAPM error correction.

The Actiontec modem comes with a five year limited warranty and is available to OEMs. Software upgrades and information about the product can be found at, www.actiontec.com.


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