PC Parachute softens crashes

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PC Parachute softens crashes

UniTrends Software Corp.’s new utility is designed to help a crashed PC system fully recover in just 18 minutes.

The PC Parachute utility automatically protects and recovers data on any networked, Intel-based PC without end user involvement. The software schedules backups to a central server, logs and catalogs the data, and fully verifies that the data has been successfully backed up. The software can fully integrate with a company’s normal backup and recovery software, providing a layer of Y2K protection as well.

Should a crash occur, a network administrator can recover the system without reinstalling the operating system or software packages. Only a bootable diskette and the latest catalogued backup are needed to recover all data.

The automatic scheduler for PC Parachute is available for the Windows, Solaris Intel, BSDI, Linux, Novell, Unixware, and SCO platforms. More information can be found at www.unitrends.com.