SCOUT2 takes a licking, keeps on clicking

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SCOUT2 takes a licking, keeps on clicking

Melard Technologies Inc. has improved on its original all-terrain subnotebook with several new features just introduced in the SCOUT2 model.

The new subnotebook features a 233MHz processor, up to 10GB of storage space, batteries that can last up to a day, and a 7.5″ monochrome or 7.2″ color transreflective display. The displays are designed for sunlight readability and are available with touch-screen input capability. Each notebook weighs 5.5 pounds and comes loaded with Windows ’98.

As in the previous version, the SCOUT2 has waterproof magnesium construction with rubber bumps to absorb shock. It comes with a choice of integrated wireless modems. A half-dipole antenna helps maintain signal strength inside buildings and in low-converage areas.

The new model is priced between $3,000 and $6,000, depending on configuration.

Details about the SCOUT2 can be found on Melard’s web page at