Disk drive takes a Quantum leap

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Disk drive takes a Quantum leap

Quantum Corp. is introducing a new addition to its Fireball hard drive line: The Fireball Plus KX drive holds 6.8GB per 3.5″ disk.

Spinning at 7200 RPM, it is Quantum’s second model to use giant magnetoresistive (GMR) heads to achieve higher areal density.

The Fireball Plus KX has an average seek time of 8.5ms and comes in capacities of 6.8GB, 10.2GB, 13.6GB, 20.5GB, and 27.3GB. It uses the Ultra ATA/66 interface and incorporates Quantum’s Shock Protection System and Data Protection System, as well as 224-bit on-the-fly double-burst error correction.

The new drive is currently shipping for OEM qualifications, but it will be in volume production by the end of June. The estimated price for the 27.3GB drive is $399.

For more information about Quantum’s products, see www.quantum.com.


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