SVGA headset puts display at eye level

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SVGA headset puts display at eye level

Daeyang E&C and Colorado MicroDisplay Inc. are partnering to produce an SVGA headset display designed for gamers, mobile and wearable PC users, and industrial product applications.

The DYHMD-B2000 headset will utilize CMD’s reflective Dynamic Nematic Liquid Crystal on Silicon technology, to create a fully immersive display without the pixelation of the poly-silicon method currently used in head-mounted displays.

The headset’s interface is designed for easy connection to portable DVD players, notebook and desktop PCs, televisions, video tape recorders, camcorders, game consoles and a variety of other devices.

Working prototypes and finished models of the display headset will be demonstrated June 22-24 at the PC Expo Conference in New York, with initial OEM delivery slated to begin in Q1 2000.

The unit will display 1.4 million effective pixels, providing a resolution-scaleable solution for various types of content – such as arcade gaming, immersive training, DVD, video movies and virtual prototyping.

The DYHMD-B2000 will sell for an estimated retail price of $800.

Additional information on the product can be found at