Sub-$400 PC protects kids online

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Sub-$400 PC protects kids online

NetSafety has introduced a sub-$400 personal computer pre-loaded with, a software and service apckage designed to “protect children from online predators.”

NetSafety is the charter sponsor of KidWatch, a national law enforcement organization focused on protecting children from Internet crime. Also, the company operates the NetSafety Police Referral program to give parents a method to report online predators.

The NetSafety Web-PC has a retail price of $399 for the CPU and monitor. Shipping and handling and a two-year ISP commitment costs an additional $14.95 per month with an annual fee of $60. The PC’s will begin shipping on July 15, 1999.

The NetSafety Police Referral Program works when parents use the service to electronically report any contact made by an online predator. The alert is posted to a centralized, police-monitored computer, giving authorities information they need to ascertain the criminal’s identity via the Internet Protocol address.

NetSafety also employs e-mail and spam filters to protect children from unsolicited materials, and anonymous users are blocked from the NetSafety family. The NetSafety community relies on a rating system for monitoring content, but parents also can delete or add any websites to the password protected monitoring menu. E-mails with attachments must first go to the parental lockbox for viewing before being sent to the child. And, to search the Internet for content, children have access to “kid-friendly” search engines including Yahooligans and Searchopolis.

The Web-PC configuration includes a 300MHz Cyrix- or AMD-based MMX motherboard with integrated audio and video, a 40X CD-ROM drive, a V.90 Modem, a 2GB hard drive, 32MB of RAM, serial and printer ports, mouse and keyboard, Windows 98, and a 15″ color monitor.

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