Gateway rolls out all-in-one flat-panel PCs

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Gateway rolls out all-in-one flat-panel PCs

Gateway has introduced an innovative three” thick PC that features the computer built right into the thin LCD panel monitor.

The company also boasts that its Gateway Profile PC delivers “a rakish, futuristic look to the executive suite or any room in the home where appearance and compact design count.”

Available with either Windows 98 or Windows NT, the Profile starts at just $1999 for business models and $2299 for home configuratoins.

The systems design centers around a 15″ LCD active matrix display, which equals or exceeds the color quality of 17″ CRT monitors (15.9″ viewable), with resolution up to 1024-by-786 pixels. However, the flat panel consumes up to 70 percent less energy than the CRT, and measures just three inches thick – compared to 16″ deep standard monitors.

The system features a 400MHz AMD K6-2 processor, 64MB of SDRAM (expandable to 256MB), up to 6GB of hard drive space, an integrated 3.5″ floppy drive and CD-ROM or DVD drive, an integrated 10/100 Ethernet card for networking, a full-sized keyboard and a mouse. Options include an internal V.90 modem.

In addition, the system is expandable through 2 Type II PC card slots or 1 Type III PC card slot and all the ports found on standard portable systems.

Software options include Microsoft Office 2000 Small Business Edition or Professional Edition for business users, or Microsoft Works Suite 99 for home users.

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