IBM offers biggest, smallest hard drives

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IBM offers biggest, smallest hard drives

IBM has released a huge 37GB drive for desktop computers, and a tiny matchbook-sized drive for handheld devices.

The 37GB model is one of the highest capacity drives yet introduced. Its street price is estimated at about $420.

IBM expects the drive to be used in PCs that sell for as little as $1,000, as well as PC servers which cost more than $2,000. The drive will also be sold as a stand-alone upgrade for PCs.

At the other end of the hard drive spectrum, IBM has begun limited shipments of its Microdrive, designed to fit into a small slot in a handheld Windows CE device or a digital camera. The drive offers data capacities up to 340MB. A $499 Microdrive kit will include the 340MB drive, a PC Card adapter and a case. The IBM Microdrives will be available in U.S. and Japanese retail stores by early summer.

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