AMD answers Intel’s 400MHz fire with mobile K6

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AMD answers Intel's 400MHz fire with mobile K6

Just one day after archrival Intel announced its 400MHz Pentium II and Celeron notebook chips, Advanced Micro Devices whipped out a 400MHz mobile chip of its own.

The K6-2-P microprocessor for notebook PCs will be manufactured on a 0.25-micron process geometry, while some of Intel’s new 400MHz chips will be fabricated on a 0.18-micron manufacturing line.

AMD’s K6-2-P is priced the same as Intel’s 400MHz Celeron, both are $187 in 1000-unit lots. Intel’s 400MHz Pentium II is priced at about $530.

The K6-2-P processor operates at 2.2 volts, and dissipates less than 12 watts of power while running typical applications. The processor ships in a 321-pin ceramic PGA.

Compaq said it plans to produce a Presario notebook system based on the 400MHz AMD chip.

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