Iomega ships Clik!

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Iomega ships Clik!

Iomega has started shipping its Clik! PC Card drive – a small, lightweight removable storage drive for notebook PC users..

The 40MB Clik! drive fits inside a notebook’s PC card slot, eliminating the need to carry bulky external storage peripherals.

Iomega’s Quik Sync and Copy Machine utlility software is bundled with the Clik! Quik Sync allows users to automatically save important files to a 40MB Clik! disk without being prompted or stopping existing activities. Copy Machine allows users to make a copy of a Clik! disk using a single Clik! drive.

The Clik! drive is available worldwide through retail outlets, catalogs and Iomega’s commerce site at In the United States, the device sells for an estimated street price of $199.95. The 40MB media sells for about $9.99.