`Need for Speed: High Stakes’ ships for PC

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`Need for Speed: High Stakes' ships for PC

Electronic Arts has begun shipping `Need For Speed: High Stakes,’ the fourth PC iteration in the Need For Speed (NFS) racing series.

The $49.95 PC game follows the release of its PlayStation counterpart, which shipped earlier this year.

Need For Speed: High Stakes delivers several exclusive components made possible by recent PC technological advances.

Players can race in and against an exclusive group of the world’s most coveted sport and supercars. Each of the cars feature distinctive driving characteristics, visible animated drivers, full 3-D dashboards and car interiors that illuminate and can be viewed from left, right and back.

Adding to the game’s realism is the polygonal vehicle damage. When involved in collisions, all of the cars take on significant damage that directly affects the appearance and performance. For instance, collisions with opponents or environmental objects will result in such things as broken headlights, problematic engine sounds, smashed up bumpers, hood damage and shattered glass.

More information can be found on the official NFS product web site at http://www.needforspeed.com.