Intel changes Pentium plans

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Intel changes Pentium plans

Intel Corp. has moved back the scheduled launch date for both its desktop and mobile versions of the 600MHz Pentium III based on 0.18 micron technology.

Originally both due out in September, the desktop version will now be introduced in November, and the mobile Pentium III will be introduced at the end of the year.

As a replacement for the delay, Intel plans to introduce a 600MHz Pentium III for desktop PCs that is manufactured with a 0.25 micron process. All current 450MHz, 500MHz, and 550MHz Pentium III and Celeron chips use 0.25 micron technology for fabrication.

For mobile PCs, Intel now plans to announce a 500MHz Pentium III chip, manufactured in 0.18 micron technology, for late September. At about the same time, Intel will also announce a “flip chip” 500MHz Pentium III processor, based on 0.18 micron processing, for “small form factor” PCs.

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