Merlin conjures up wireless messaging

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Merlin conjures up wireless messaging

Novatel Wireless Inc. has announced a $279 Type II PCMCIA card, called the Merlin, that will allow mobile PC users to transmit and receive messages wirelessly.

The Merlin Modem is designed for the Windows 95, 98, NT, CE, and 2000 operating systems. Using Merlin, mobile users can wirelessly send and receive e-mail, connect to the Internet, and access corporate information. The Merlin has a foldable antenna that locks into five positions, for ease of use and storage.

Each Merlin has its own IP address and transmits data over the existing cellular phone network. This method of transmission is completely digital, which takes advantage of the resulting lower error rates and costs.

The 1.6-ounce Merlin Modems will be available in August. Advanced orders are being accepted now by Novatel Wireless. For more information, see the company web site at


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