Micron, Tioga deliver industry’s first self-healing PCs

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Micron, Tioga deliver industry's first self-healing PCs

Micron Electronics Inc. and Tioga Systems Inc. have agreed to deliver Tioga’s Self-Healing software on Micron business desktop and notebook computers.

Called Mprevent, the bundled version of Tioga’s Self-Healing software is designed to prevent problems from occurring in the first place, and allow users to easily solve problems themselves when they do occur.

The intended result is an increase in customer satisfaction and a dramatic decrease in calls to Micron’s technical support group and corporate IT help desk operations.

MPrevent automatically and continuously protects software shipped on select Micron systems, including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer and Norton Anti-Virus. As a result, users should experience fewer system lock ups, reducing the need to reboot, and decreasing calls for technical support.

Micron will preinstall the Mprevent program on new ClientPro desktop and select TransPort Trek2 notebook computers, beginning July 1. Customers who purchase these computer products between June 1 and July 1, 1999 can receive the software for free, by contacting Micron’s Service and Support Center.

More information is posted at Micron’s web site, http://www.micronpc.com.