GamePC pairs dual overclocked CPUs for faster fun

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GamePC pairs dual overclocked CPUs for faster fun

GamePC is pairing two Intel Celeron 300MHz PPGA CPUs, overclocked to 450MHz, in systems tuned for high-speed gaming.

Company officials say game developers will be releasing titles tuned for dual-CPU systems in the future, beginning with id Software. id’s Quake 3: Arena will be the first computer game to specifically take advantage of a dual CPU configuration, GamePC officials said.

Microsoft’s Windows 2000 will also be able to handle multiple processors. With the impending release of these two applications, GamePC claims its dual-CPU systems will show anywhere from a 20 percent to 60 percent increase in performance over their single-CPU counterparts.

GamePC is offering its dual Pentium III 450MHz system for less than $1475.

Customers interested in more information about these and other products can visit GamePC’s web site at