Alpha speeds up, pares down price

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Alpha speeds up, pares down price

Samsung will launch two Alpha-based motherboards and a processor module at PC Expo in New York this week, lowering the costs of Alpha-systems substantially.

The company will also announce a low-cost version of the Alpha 21264 processor it plans to produce early next year, and it will demo a 1GHz Alpha chip due in the second quarter of 2000.

Samsung’s new UP1000 motherboard uses a modified version of Advanced Micro Devices’ Iron Gate chip set. The board is geared for systems that could sell for as little as $3,500. The new UP2000 board uses Compaq’s Tsunami chip set, enabling systems that will sell for about $4,500.

Both boards will use a Slot B processor module based on the mechanical specs of Intel’s Slot 2 for Xeon processors.

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