First 10,000 free PCs ship

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First 10,000 free PCs ship

Free-PC Inc. has started shipping the first 10,000 of its free personal computers to consumers.

Bundled with free Internet access and e-mail, the Compaq Presario Internet PCs will continue to ship throughout the month of June.

The first group of Free-PCs were delivered this week to randomly selected people, drawn from the more than 1.25 million applications the company has received to date.

Using five different demographic criteria – age, gender, household income, geographic location, and family type – Free-PC selected users across all categories to ensure a broad cross-section of recipients.

Applicants who were not selected in the initial 10,000 will remain in the Free-PC database for possible future selection.

Free-PC says it’s attempting to create the world’s first true one-to-one, targeted marketing network, via delivering free personal computers loaded with pre-installed advertising to a demographically diverse group of consumers.

Ads are served from the hard drive of the computer, enabling rich media such as film clips, broadcast spots and other multimedia product pitches. Ads appear onscreen on a side and bottom bar, regardless of whether or not the user is online.

More information on the company can be found at