Overclocked, liquid-cooled game PCs pick PC133 HSDRAM

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Overclocked, liquid-cooled game PCs pick PC133 HSDRAM

Enhanced Memory Systems’ 128MB PC133 high-speed SDRAM (HSDRAM) DIMM modules have been selected for the GamePC LiquidX series of gaming machines.

The new series of gaming PCs are designed to accelerate the computer gaming experience by integrating a 450MHz Pentium III overclocked to 600MHz, and a 3dfX Voodoo3 3000 video accelerator running at 185 MHz. For main memory, the PCs will use Enhanced Memory Systems’ low-latency PC133 HSDRAM memory, operating at 133MHz.

Each system has 384MB of HSDRAM DIMM onboard. Performance is aided by unique liquid cooling technologies to maintain low temperatures for the processor and graphics components.

Consumers interested in PC133 HSDRAM products can find out more by visiting Enhanced Memory Systems’ PC133 storefront at www.pc133memory.com.