Microworks unveils $199 Window-less PC

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Microworks unveils $199 Window-less PC

Microworkz has taken the PC industry to a new low – by introducing an Internet-ready desktop with an astoundingly low price tag.

The $199 iToaster measures about 14 by 12 by 4 inches, and contains no floppy drive, no CD-ROM, and no Windows operating system.

Due for release in mid-July, the system will feature a “Pentium class” processor – possibly a 266MHz Pentium, a 233MHz Pentium II, or a Celeron. The company won’t specify which one, because it maintains that for the iToaster’s dedicated web surfing function, processor speed doesn’t matter. Likewise, the system could contain a 2.1GB hard drive or a 3.2GB hard drive. Since browsing, and simple office productivity software will come preloaded, the PC isn’t meant to store a lot of data.

In addition to the usual serial, parallel and monitor ports, the iToaster will offer two USB ports and a TV output. There’ll be 32MB of RAM and a 56K hardware modem.

Spurning Microsoft, Microworkz has come up with an OS blend of its own, combining Linux and BeOS. The unit will feature “instant on” boot up time.

The systems will only be sold from the company’s web site at www.microworkz.com.

The complete story is posted at www.zdnn.com.