Intel, ViewSonic show off digital CRT monitor

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Intel, ViewSonic show off digital CRT monitor

Monitor manufacturer ViewSonic has demonstrated a 17″ CRT monitor using Digital Visual Interface.

Intel, the leader of the Digital Display Working Group (DDWG) which developed the DVI specifications, participated in the demonstration.

Currently, most PC graphics controllers convert the PC’s digital video signal to an analog signal suitable for CRT monitors. LCD panels, on the other hand, are digital in nature, so most have built-in analog-to-digital conversion circuitry to connect to the graphics controllers’ analog output.

Digital CRT monitors, once they become available, will offer several benefits over analog models, according to ViewSonic. These benefits include improved picture quality, reduction or elimination of user controls, and possible increased PC performance as the CPU will spend less time processing video.

ViewSonic plans to release the digital monitor early next year, charging an 8 percent to 10 percent price premium over analog versions.

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