Internet keyboard on tap from Microsoft

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Internet keyboard on tap from Microsoft

Microsoft has unveiled three keyboards that include Internet and multimedia hot-keys.

The $29.95 Internet Keyboard is slated to be available in October, featuring two hot keys that can be programmed to launch a favorite website, document, or application. The device also includes a one-touch Internet browser navigation capability.

The keyboard’s series of blue-button, Internet-based hot links take on functions equivalent to commands on the browser, according to the company.

The $54.95 Internet Keyboard Pro, scheduled for availability in early 2000, has eight additional Internet or multimedia hot keys and a pair of USB ports. The multimedia hot keys let users control music CDs and PC audio and video directly from the keyboard.

The ergonomic Natural Keyboard Pro, with a price of $74.95 and an October ship date, has a split-key ergonomic design.

The Internet hot keys require Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.x, 4.x or 5.x, Netscape Navigator 3.x or 4.x, or America Online 4.0.

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