AMD ships K7 processor

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AMD ships K7 processor

AMD’s K7 has a name: Athlon.

The next-generation chip could put AMD back in the black, but it won’t be easy. At the same time it announced shipment of the Athlon, AMD confirmed it expects losses of $200 million for the current quarter. The loss is due mostly to a sharp decline in average selling prices for its AMD-K6 processor family and lower unit shipments.

The company claims it has recovered from its manufacturing problems, however. AMD expects to produce more than 6 million K6 chips, half of which should clock at high-end speeds of 400MHz to 500MHz.

The Athlon chip will be priced at $699 for a 600MHz chip, $479 for a 550MHz, and $324 for the 500MHz.

Further details are in ZDNN’s story at


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