IMac knock-off runs Windows

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IMac knock-off runs Windows

Future Power’s E-Power, an egg-shaped Windows PC that bares an uncanny likeness to Apple’s best-selling iMac, will ship in September.

Introduced at PC Expo in New York this week, the unit features a colored shell casing that comes in hues such as amethyst, ruby, topaz, emerald and sapphire.

The E-Power has a 466MHz Celeron chip, a 56K modem, 64MB of RAM, a 40X CD-ROM drive, and will retail for $799.

Future Power says Apple has eye-balled it’s look-alike product, and the Wintel PC maker said it would release a statement about its discussions with Apple – and possible legal ramifications – on Friday.

Future Power is backed by Daewoo Telecom, the South Korean-based manufacturer that once sold the Leading Edge brand of PCs.

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