Diamond spins off RioPort, intros new player

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Diamond spins off RioPort, intros new player

Diamond Multimedia Systems and RioPort Inc., Diamond’s newly formed subsidiary, will ship a new 64MB digital audio player, the Rio 500, beginning in August.

The $269 Rio 500 will connect to either PCs or Macintosh (iMac and G3) platforms using a USB port.

The new Rio players will sport an improved user interface with a larger, back-lit LCD display and new teal, purple or silver casings.

The 64MB Rio 500 can store and play back up to two hours of digital quality music and up to 32 hours of spoken audio content – more than twice the capacity of the original Rio PMP300. Optional 16MB Smart Media flash memory cards sell for $59, or $99 for a 32MB card.

RioPort Inc. is also working on a line of new high capacity Rio devices that will feature, among other things, support for Microsoft’s Windows Media format, voice recording capability and a USB docking station for fast charging.

Consumers can go to www.rioport.com or www.diamondmm.com for more information.