Total Annihilation spawns sequel

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Total Annihilation spawns sequel

A second title in the Total Annihilation series of real-time strategy games is now available through Cavedog Entertainment, a wholly owned subsidiary of GT Interactive Software Corp.

“Total Annihilation: Kingdoms” is a fantasy game in a mythical world called Darien, where players battle for dominion as the immortal monarch of one of four unique races: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. The game features more than 100 3D articulated battle units, 50 wandering monsters and non-player characters, and 30 multiplayer maps.

A player can choose to play in one continuous campaign, where it is required for the player to switch allegiances during the game’s progress. Players can also initiate multiplayer battles with an online gaming community.

A mapping editor, called Cartographer, allows players to create customized maps and missions. Players will also be able to download new fully functional battle units from the Cavedog website free of charge.

The PC game is currently shipping to 45 countries in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian. The game is available for an estimated price of $44.99. Minimum system requirements include a 233MHz Pentium and 32MB of RAM.

Information about Total Annihilation: Kingdoms, as well as free downloads, is available at