Yahoo! to advertise at BIOS level

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Yahoo! to advertise at BIOS level

Yahoo! has cut a deal with BIOS maker Phoenix Technologies Ltd. to offer Internet access to users during the boot-up sequence of the new PCs.

Distributing Yahoo! Connections services through Phoenix’s system software products will enables users worldwide to immediately connect to their choice of Yahoo!’s 19 World properties.

Distribution of Yahoo! on Phoenix BIOS chips enables one-touch access to default home pages for Yahoo!’s main site ( as well as Yahoo! sites for Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, UK & Ireland, Australia & New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Brazil, Canada and Latin America.

Phoenix Technologies’ BIOS system software is currently designed into more than 70 percent of all PCs sold, and millions of other devices. Information about Phoenix and its products is available at