AMD ships embedded K6 with 100 MHz frontside bus

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AMD ships embedded K6 with 100 MHz frontside bus

AMD has announced shipments of the AMD-K6-2E processor, an embedded processor with 3DNow! graphics technology, superscalar MMX capability and 100-MHz frontside bus support.

As a derivative of the AMD-K6 processor family, the AMD-K6-2E processor leverages existing Socket 7 and Super7 platform-compatible chipsets and board designs, x86 software, development tools, debuggers and compilers for developing high-performance embedded products.

The AMD-K6-2E is available in two versions. One version features a low-power 1.9V core voltage with clock speeds of 266MHz and 233MHz with an extended temperature rating of 85 degrees C, and a maximum power dissipation of less than 10 Watts. A standard-power version is identical to the original desktop AMD-K6-2 processor with a 2.2V core voltage and clock speeds of 300MHz, 266MHz, and 233MHz.

The standard-power AMD-K6-2E/300AFR is priced at $59 in 1000-unit quantities for the 300MHz version, $56 for the 266MHz version and $55 for the 233MHz.

The low-powerAMD-K6-2E/266AMZ is priced at $69 for the 266MHz version and $66 for the 233MHz version.

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